Suzanne Hinne |
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Let’s start at the beginning

At the age of eighteen, I began at the school of Journalism at Zwolle. The first two years I studied Journalism. After that I studied three years Communication and got my BA Journalism. I specialized in photography. For examples of what I make, take a look at my Portfolio.

How can I help you?

I always want to tell stories. Some stories are best be told in photo’s and some with text. Everyone has a story, and I can help you to tell them.

Nowadays people are more visual. It’s personal and a good way to do that is by having a good photo.

Besides portrait photography, I also make more documentairy work. It’s a story about a persons life, or about the product you make. It’s interesting to tell a story with images. I can provide that, see my portfolio for the work I’ve made.